What to expect at the clinic for aesthetic treatments

On arrival at the clinic you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire, this allows the practitioner to assess the client’s suitability for treatment.

A pre procedure advice will be given.

A face to face consultation with our registered healthcare prescriber prior to your Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment.

The consultation is a very important aspect of your care, during which the practitioner can discuss different treatment options and talk about realistic expectations from the treatment administered. At this time possible risks and complications will be thoroughly explained.

A cooling off period if your not 100% sure about going ahead.

Should you decide to proceed with the treatment you will be asked to sign a consent to treatment form.

To take ‘before photographs’ prior to treatment.

To be treated in a relaxing and comfortable environment, where you will feel at ease.

Your skin will be thoroughly cleaned with chlorhexidine and for dermal fillers a topical anaesthetic cream will be applied.

Following the procedure, you will have aftercare explained and will be given a written aftercare leaflet to take home with the number of the clinic in case you have any queries.

A follow up appointment 2 weeks later for ‘after photographs’ to reassess and a top up treatment if required after the Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment.